Sabrina Deep
Sabrina Deep
Adult star Ginger Lynn will be on-hand to host the Sabrina Deep gang bang event taking place on Saturday.

Deep, adult star and gang bang enthusiast, currently is in Los Angeles on the prowl for fans to fuck on camera. She conducted similar events around the world and came to L.A. on behalf of Metro Movies.

About 40 of her fans will be given a chance to get it on with “The Queen of the Gang Bang” not only online, when the event is streamed live at, but also on a DVD that will be released by Metro Media later this year in time for Christmas.

“I was extremely excited when I heard that Ginger Lynn was going to host my gang bang,” Deep said. “She's a star in this industry and it's an honor to have her on board. Too bad there aren't going to be any girls in this movie because I would have loved to get my hands on her."

Deep has taken home accolades, such as the Girl of the Month on two separate occasions, and launched The World Bukkake Tour, in which she goes around the world to meet her fans. In June 2009 Deep was a special guest on The Howard Stern Show and was crowned the “Queen of Bukkake.”

Deep runs her own website, producing 100 percent original content exclusively and shoots content with her fans rather than with professional actors.

July 21, 2004
Sorry Guys, this did not go up on time for yesterdays show, but please check it out anyhow...

Do not miss Brad Abelson director of “Save Virgil” one of the funniest short films ever made, starring Virgil and Ginger Lynn on The Ginger Lynn Show tonight on Tune in for a good time.

September 19, 2004
Since so many fans have said that I was in the first adult film they ever saw and that I helped them through puberty I thought it only appropriate to say “Thanks, and I’m glad I could lend a hand – even if it was yours”.
-Ginger Lynn

September 18th, 2003
Warner association with FOX, brings adult to mainstream crossover star, Ginger Lynn, back to prime time television with their new hour-long weekly dramatic series, "Skin."

Adult to mainstream and back again, crossover sensation Ginger Lynn is back in mainstream waters once again, this time in a recurring role for the new FOX television drama, "Skin," produced by Warner Bros. television division. The show, helmed by a team of iconic executive producers -- Jerry Bruckheimer ("Pearl Harbor," "Without a Trace"), Jonathan Littman ("C.S.I.," "Without a Trace") and Jim Leonard ("Thieves," "Night Visions") - is a dynamic and visually compelling series that exposes a world of forbidden love, naked ambition, family betrayal, and the business of moral corruption.

Ginger, now in her fourth week of shooting, portrays the character, Amber Synn - a retired porn star whose popularity helped Larry Goldman (Ron Silver) launch his adult entertainment empire in the late 1980's. The first "Golden Girl," she was an exclusive contract player who made over 300 films for Golden International, quickly rising to stardom and just as quickly adopting a self-destructive lifestyle. Drugs and alcohol took its toll, but she pulled herself up by her bootstraps and got clean for the sake of her son. Amber Synn's once notorious and glamorous persona is now replaced by one of a caring mother. She has no regrets for her career choice and both loves and hates the man who made her a star, Larry Goldman.

"Skin" premieres on FOX Monday night, October 20th, though Lynn's character is not introduced until the second episode following the pilot, airing on Monday, November 3rd. Lynn has thus far shot four episodes for the series and will continue to play an intricate role in the show's plot for the remainder of the season.

This is by no means Ginger Lynn's first appearance on television. Aside from being profiled on nearly every major news show and appearing on a variety of television talk shows, Lynn has appeared in guest starring roles on "Silk Stalkings" and "NYPD Blue." At one point, she was considered the queen of late night cable, starring in campy classics like "Vice Academy," "Dr. Alien," and "Buried Alive," before going onto appear in mainstream motion pictures like "Young Guns II," "Bound & Gagged: A Love Story," "Whore," and most recently 2002's "The Independent," opposite Jerry Stiller and Janeane Garafollo.